Lake Chilwa

Lake Chilwa is situated in the centre of the low-lying Chilwa-Phalombe plain in the southern part of Malawi between latitudes 15°00’S and 15°30’S and longitude 35°30’E and 35°55’E. The Lake is located within semi-arid lowland savannah environment in the eastern Zomba District, across the border with Mozambique.

Lake Chilwa is a transboundary basin shared between Malawi and Mozambique. It has a catchment area of 8349 km2, 68% 95,669 km2) in Malawi and 32% (2,680 km2) in Mozambique (Njaya, 2001; Kafumbata et al, 2014). The maximum length of the Lake is estimated at 60km with a maximum width of 40km.

Map of Lake Chilwa:

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