National Water Resources Authority

The National Water Resources Authority (NWRA) was established under the Water Resources Act (2013) to replace the previous Water Resources Board.   The NWRA is an public entity intended to provide advice on water resources policy and implement regulatory functions.

The NWRA has the following powers and functions in the Act:

a)      Develop principles, guidelines and procedures for the allocation of water resources

b)      Monitor and occasionally reassess, the National Water Policy and the National Water and Resources Master Plan

c)      Receive and determine applications for permit for water use

d)      Monitor and enforce conditions attached to permits for water use

e)      Regulate and protect water catchments

f)       Determine charges to be imposed for the use of water from any water resource according to guidelines in National Water Policy

g)      Gather and maintain information on water resources and publish forecast, projections and information on water resources regularly

h)      Liaise with the relevant stakeholders for the improved regulation and management of water resources

i)       Advise the Minister on any issues pertaining to water resources

j)       Assist the Minister in the coordination of hydrological and hydro-geological investigations

k)      Coordinate the preparation, implementation and amendment of a water action plan and to recommend it to the Minister